Delicious and refreshing gelato made with coconut from the country and a lot of love for our land.

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In honor of one of the most beloved fruits on the island; It is sweet and aromatic, perfect for anyone looking for a Caribbean gelato.

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The beloved dessert now melts in the mouths of lovers of this great delicacy of Latin cuisine.

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Chocolate cookies

Classic chocolate chip cookies inspire this creamy ice cream loved by all.

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Caribbean Chocolate

Neither too sweet nor too bitter: the perfect balance to satisfy lovers of chocolate ice cream.

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Vanilla cookies

A surprise in every bite, with the sweet aroma of tropical vanilla.

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Mint with chocolate

A flavorfully creamy twist on the most refreshing ingredient, complemented by silky Caribbean chocolate.

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Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa

Creamy and fun combination; a favorite of the Puerto Rican palate.

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