Pinta Gelato and Nacho Libre Premium Adventure on National Ice Cream Day

Pinta Gelato and Nacho Libre Premium Adventure on National Ice Cream Day

San Juan, PR - National Ice Cream Day is commemorated on Sunday, July 19, when the Puerto Rican gelateria Pinta Gelato and Nacho Libre Cantina Mexicana will celebrate with a delicious surprise for lovers of premium gelato: the launch of a limited edition of the new flavor of Elote.

“As the only high-quality artisan gelato shop made in Puerto Rico, we want to continue to dazzle gelato lovers with flavors that create unforgettable moments. For this reason, we challenge ourselves to make unconventional flavors such as ‘Elote’ in collaboration with other gastronomic managers on the island”, indicated gelatitian Jaime Acosta Reyes, founder of Pinta Gelato.

Pinta Gelato and Nacho Libre Cantina Mexicana devised the project in collaboration with Pide Uva! the country's leading home delivery service, to offer the original corn gelato (known as ‘elote’ in Mexico) in a limited edition of 150 pints. The pints of the premium gelato will be listed and available only for delivery through the Uva platform.

‘Elote's’ premium gelato recipe honors Mexico, the land of corn. This new flavor is a gelato with a creamy texture and cinnamon flavor with a touch of sweetness, perfect to enchant the consumer's palate. The creation of this recipe for National Ice Cream Day arose as an initiative of Nacho Libre Cantina Mexicana.

“As part of our plans to evolve the experiences at Nacho Libre, we decided to start one of several collaborations with the Pinta Gelato team. For this first recipe, we decided to create a premium gelato with Elote flavor, an iconic flavor in Mexican street cuisine from which we were inspired to create our gastronomic offer”, explained Roberto Gerena, co-founder of Nacho Libre Cantina Mexicana.

Acosta Reyes added that the collaboration with Nacho Libre will be the first of many exclusive gelato adventures that Pinta Gelato will offer together with other Puerto Rican companies that seek premium experiences for their clients.

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